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In the course of Asbicon’s expansion extra capacity has been built-in Color Parlour and we are pleased to share this extra capacity if required with our direct clients or also with other agencies during this busy X’mas period. We provide extremely competitive rates and will never be beaten on price. Our studios support:

  • 2D Designing
  • 3D Designing
  • Video creation and editing
  • Animation
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Augmented Reality development
  • Virtual reality development
  • Point of Purchase Material
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital asset management

We can support design requirements in English, Arabic, Spanish and French.

For requirements in UK, clients or Agency partners are welcome to plan co-creation sessions at our experience centre in Bracknell, Berkshire.

To share your requirements or to find out more about our services please contact on info@asbicon.com

(Asbicon is a Shopper focused “Sales & Marketing Support Company” catering to the Consumer Goods and Services sector. Asbicon enables this through its 7 verticals of Capability Development, Dezign Services, Data Services, Research, Assisted Advisory, IT Solutions and Digital Marketing providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients.)

Did you know that Color Parlour has been supporting Multinational and Domestic Brands Win at the Point of Purchase for more than 7 years? Color Parlour’s solutions are Shopper-focused and are structured to help an organisation at different levels of Corporate, Category, Brand, Pack and Personal as per Business requirements.

Please visit us at www.asbiconstudio to know more about our solutions and work undertaken.

You can also reach us on info@colorparlour.com

We have created a short video to showcase some of our work areas, you might find it enjoyable 🙂


Dezign Services, the Shopper Focused Design and creative agency specialising in the Consumer Goods and Retail sector launches Dezign Insta Packs for its clients. Dezign services provides Shopper focused design solutions for Consumer Goods and Services sector by focusing on sector specific design needs at:

  1. Corporate Level
  2. Category Level
  3. Brand Level
  4. Pack Level
  5. Personal

With the launch of Dezign Insta Packs, Dezign Services aims to bring simplicity and transparency in the way its clients can book their services. Dezign Insta Packs have been configured based on most common needs of Consumer Goods and Services clients at various levels of Corporate, Category, Brand, Pack and Personal.

At the Corporate level, 4 Dezign Insta Pack solution packages( Bronze, Silver,Gold and Diamond) have been developed with a nominal monthly cost to meet small to large design and social media management needs of the clients. This is also aimed at ensuring regular support to clients as required.

For clients requiring Design services that are different than pre-configured Dezign Insta Packs, they can submit their specific requirements through the forms on the website or contact on info@dezignservices.com

Dezign services is An Asbicon Group Company(www.asbicon.com). Asbicon’s Design and Creative vertical is supported by Dezign Services. Please visit www.dezignservices.com for more details